Bye Vienna, Hello World!

Today will be the last party in the apartment I spent the last couple of years. ...if these walls could talk...

I moved here the first time in sort of a rush. After being advised by my boss at the company before, to take a few days off the following week, I coincidentally read about a job at wollzelle that evening. Since they were one of the few companies in Austria working with Rails in 2008, I quickly updated my CV and wrote them. Within a week I was interviewed and offered to join them. I did, of course, and had the opportunity to work on super exciting projects, like their digital asset management application "Fluxiom" or help shape and develop the site of Gucci. I even got to build OS X Dashboard Widgets. If you think cross browser compatibility is hard, try cross widget-platform compatibility. I loved that time.

Since then I worked for a few other companies, made a lot of new friends, here in Vienna and around the world, did things I hadn't imagined and more.

Now, a little over eight years later I feel I'm taking the next big hop. To Amsterdam (first)! I'm also gonna start my new job at Red Hat to work on open source full-time! Yay! So, exciting times ahead and I thought wouldn't it be nice to share a little bit more again on a blog, primarily for those I won't see as much anymore and for others interested in other lives or to post something really interesting.

Since I felt like deploying something last night, I setup Ghost on Heroku...

Hello World!